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Every performer stands on the shoulders of the artists that came before them. Some of these artists are icons, others are only semi-known. The Comedy Legacy Podcast sits down with great comedy artists and discusses the process, and the execution of their comedy. It is a master class for anyone who wants to learn the art of comedy.



Each episode is a one on one sit down discussing comedy creation, execution, and development. It is filled with inspiration and information that ever comedy artist needs to hear.

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About Your Host ~ Jim Mendrinos

Jim Mendrinos is a comic and filmaker in the NYC area.

He started performing Stand-Up at 19,and has performed
all over the world.

His 1 hour comedy special filmed at the comic strip in NYC is
called “Not Dead Yet” and is available on on Amazon Prime
Click Here to Watch

He also teaches stand up comedy at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC.

Jim is the Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing
Purchase Here  

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